About me

Dr. Mousa Delal Attila lawyer

Dr. Mousa Delal Attila lawyer

Main part of my profession is to help my clients avoid later legal disputes by setting up contracts and other agreements, reviewing documents prepared by other parties, and representing my clients during out-of-court negotiations. Other part of my profession is to represent my clients in court actions and other official procedures.

During my practice, I highly focus on developing a direct contact with my clients to evaluate their needs and to mutually develop an effective professional relationship. If required, I proceed with solving the case by involving tax consultants, real estate agents, experts or private investigators.

My office is located at the 1st district of Budapest, at a well accessible location.

On my website you will find information on my practice areas, fees and contacts.

I represent my clients on a regular basis or on a one-time assignment.


Real property


Corporate law


Civil law

Labor law

Family law

Criminal law