Real property – Corporate law – Civil law – Labor law – Family law – Criminal law

The principal of my profession is to help my clients avoid later legal disputes.

– Dr. Mousa Delal Attila

Dr. Mousa Delal Attila lawyer

I am Dr. Mousa Delal Attila lawyer. I have been a lawyer registered at the Budapest Bar Association since 2011. I graduated from the Pázmány Péter Catholic University Faculty of Law in 2006. I have gained experience in settling many legal disputes of Hungarian and foreign firms and individuals.

Main practices

Real property

Setting up and reviewing of real property and related contracts, representation in land registry and related proceedings.

Corporate law

Setting up companies, modifying firm files, contributing to final settlement, as well as acting in bankruptcy- and liquidation proceedings, general representation of firms in various legal cases.

Civil law

Dealing with general legal cases of individuals and firms, such as contracts, compensation and inheritance cases, neighbor-rights, setting up and representing of associations and foundations.

Labor law

Preparing contracts of employment and other related documents, consultation, representation of employers and employees in various labor law related cases.

Family law

Representation in court actions and out-of-court proceedings related to divorce, custody and child-maintenance.

Criminal law

Defending clients in various criminal cases, mainly in economic and business-related crimes and traffic crimes.


I represent my clients on a regular basis or on a one-time assignment. I can make an offer on fees after reviewing a case.

Fees may be agreed on a flat fee basis or billing by the hour.

Fees are a matter of agreement; according to the relevant regulation of the Hungarian Bar Association, specific amount of fees shall not be presented on a lawyer’s website.